Rayyan Luxury Oudh & Perfumes

Rayyan - A Luxury Oudh and Perfumes

Rayyan - A Luxury Oudh & Perfume Studio that helps you rediscover your lifestyle powered by an Arabian touch

It is said that your fragrance makes your mark. Rayyan, our Luxury Oudh and Perfume Studio located in the heart of Bengaluru at Coles Road, Frazer Town presents to you the authentic arabian lifestyle experience with several day to day use and occasional use products and accessories that define the essence of Arabian identity.

There's never been such an all encompassing and comprehensive fragrances and arabian lifestyle store across India like Rayyan that promises to transfer you to the lands where the essence and secrets of mysterious Oudhs and Bakhoors is revealed to you in the most beautiful manner by our resident experts who know the A to Z of perfumes.

Here's our entire product portfolio: Apparels, Artificial jewellery, Accessories for Men, Women and Kids, Bakhoor Designer stands & regular stands, Ehram and Haj accessories, Fragrances, Flavoured Cosmetics , Handmade soaps, and Natural herbal oils

Here’s our entire portfolio of fragrances in detail: Oudhs, Bakhoors, Ittars and Perfumes

  • Bakhoors
  • Hindi Double Super
  • Hindi Seufi
  • Hindi Sarla
  • Hindi Modi
  • Malasi
  • Oudh Silani
  • Dehnol Oudh
  • Hindi Amiri
  • Hindi Muattaq
  • Hindi Seufi
  • Hindi Qadeem
  • Oudh Combodi
  • Oudh Srilankan
  • Muqhallats
  • Muqhallat Rayyan
  • Muqhallat Special
  • Muqhallat Emirates
  • Muqhallat Al Jamal
  • Muqhallat Bakhoor
  • Muqhallat Al Badar
  • Oudh Muqhallats
  • Hindi Amiri
  • Hindi Muattaq
  • Hindi Seufi
  • Hindi Qadeem
  • Oudh Combodi
  • Oudh Srilankan
  • Pure Misk Ittars
  • Body Misk
  • Misk Rajali
  • Misk Amiri
  • Arabian Misk
  • White Misk
  • Black Misk
  • French fragrances
  • Hugo Boss
  • Suvage
  • Soft
  • Black Lexes
  • Aseel
  • Escada
  • Cool Water
  • Aqua
  • Open
  • Veniti Seam
  • Natural Ittars
  • Rose
  • Saffron
  • Amber
  • Sandal
  • Khas