Mulberry Greens Hypermarkets & Supermarkets Your Friendly Neighbourhood Grocer...


IMA Mulberry Greens Hypermarkets promises to source and procure the best of Dairy, Greens, Groceries, Farm Fresh, Frozen and Organic produce that are essential for day to day consumption and also stock general items that are needed for day to day purchases in your homes. IMA Mulberry Greens will surely remind you of days gone by with a friendly grocer at your disposal to supply all perishable and fast moving consumer goods.

Phase 1 of Mulberry Greens Hypermarkets and Supermarkets will see Bengaluru city getting over 3 stores spread over 20,000 Square Feet in important residential localities covering a large diaspora of Families, Working and Professional class who call Bengaluru home.

Mulberry Greens Hypermarkets and Supermarkets promises to follow the best and up to date sourcing and distribution concepts with the best vendors and the best products for sale so that you the buyer are treated like a King. Our Hypermarket division will source the best of Appliances, Equipment’s, Home essentials, Furnishings etc from across the world at competitive prices as well.