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Residential, Commercial and Societal Developments by IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd

IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd’s vision is to transform the way people perceive quality in the Residential, Commercial and Societal developments and the company takes tremendous pride in it’s accomplishment of Residential, Commercial and Societal projects since 2015. We are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the new world when it comes to making landmarks in the Construction and Infrastructure space. Initially the company had taken baby steps in the real estate scenario and slowly diversified into various types developments projects and today it has a strong foothold in the real estate industry and is an important stake holder in the development of Urban and Greater Bengaluru’ skyline. We do not outsource any aspect of our design or construction and manage every aspect of quality construction effectively which has led to the construction of prestigious projects.

With 19 projects initiated in Residential, Commercial and Societal Developments and several of them ready and others in various stages of completion, IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd is Bengaluru’s most active and most legally compliant Real Estate Builder and Developer who’s involvement in construction activities started in the recent past, to be precise from the year 2015 onwards and is already in the big leagues when it comes to total area owned and developed across Bengaluru. There is no such thing as low vacancy levels or slowdown in the dictionary of IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd and that which is typically quoted by the construction industry when in recession and which is currently happening across India since the introduction of compliance norms specifically for the industry such as RERA Rules in every State and GST on properties/developments bought and sold in addition to the plethora of additional registration formalities and local taxes levied by States.

Speaking of amenities at every Residential development of IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd, there is as standard a provision of 24/7 Power Backup, CCTV and Wi-Fi facility, Air Conditioned and Semi Furnished Units, Well-furnished and full sized Kitchens, 2 Car parking for each apartment and high tech Elevators, and when the same is provided as standard it becomes quite clear why every single project of ours is a run-away success and highly sought after. Quite simply a home is the most prized asset everyone aspires to own in their life and the facilities provided to dwellers of an IMA Builders & Developers property takes into account everything a home buyer desires for and also many aspects that are not provided by most Real estate developers anywhere in India.

A Home is the most prized asset you aspire to own in your life so that you and your family remains ensconced within it's protective walls. An IMA Builders and Developers residential development is exactly what you been looking for all along as it takes into account everything you desire for in a home and even covers the bits you may have missed out. IMA Builders and Developers exquisite residences have been planned, designed and constructed to remain a source of pride for generations to come. Join us today, for it will be the single most prized possession that you bequeath to your future generations.

Amenities as Standard Across Our Projects:

Our projects do the best the residential localities in and around Bangalore and it is the Gold Standard when it comes to everyone's Housing requirement. Step into any of our residential projects to explore and fulfil your desire for a home.

Here’s a brief glimpse of the land use of our various residential, commercial and societal developments being completed and on the anvil by IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd.

What’s been done and on the anvil at IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd

Facts and Figures of Residential, Commercial and Societal Developments by IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd

IMA CITY: It's What you have been Waiting for All Your Life.

We all wish for the best in life... from our homes to our aspirations for betterment in all of life's aspects. Presenting to you IMA City, which is South India's prime Residential and Lifestyle project that will house everything from Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, A Fire station, Swimming pools, Entertainment centres, Shopping complexes and everything else that you could wish for.

The IMA City project and it's inspiration that is driving the project forward represents not only the masterful technical expertise being employed, but also a certain outlook to life and people that drives them to give them best creative output. Delivering dreams into reality is a simple way of saying the comprehensive development undergoing on the IMA City site located in Dodballapur which is located in North Bangalore about 42 kilometers away from city centre. The project is scientifically managed and has requisite approvals and certifications in place.

Facts and Figures of IMA City:

IMA City

Scheduled to open in 2023. A project wholly owned, designed and architected by IMA Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd.

IMA RESORT: An Exclusive from IMA Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd

Located near Chikballapur in North Bengaluru on 32 acres of land, IMA Resort promises to provide it’s guests a quality life style and interaction with modern amenities keeping family values in mind. IMA Resort provides a very good scope for city tourism and medical tourism keeping in mind it’s strategic destination in and around the International Airport in North Bengaluru. Here’s a look at what’s on offer in the highly sought after resort that seeks to merge the best of lifestyle and ethical code of conduct at the best value proposition.

IMA Resort is a property of IMA Group of Companies, Designed and Architected by IMA Builders & Developers.