IM Advisory Pvt Ltd Taking IMA Group to the Frontier of Development


IM Advisory Pvt Ltd is a powerhouse of resources in every possible conceivable way that provides operational resources and guidelines to all entities functioning under the banner of IMA Group of Companies. It is also the pièce de résistance and the guiding force of our highly popular and chart busting Business Modules which are highly ethical in nature as they operate on robust fundamentals which have been developed in-house and perfected and patented over a decade by the IMA Production team. All this ensures that the internal and external stake holders of IM Advisory Pvt Ltd are firmly on the path of prosperity.

As time has progressed, IM Advisory Pvt Ltd has also given rise to other fully owned entity’s and trademarks in a blistering pace while being an organic growth all by themselves and not a product of a takeover or merger. These endeavours have given IM Advisory Pvt Ltd a firm presence in the domains of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure development where IMA Infrastructure and Developers is developing the landmarks of the future in Bengaluru and Greater Bengaluru area and which are poised to be utilised very effectively by the people who call this city as home. Apart from the development domain, IM Advisory Pvt Ltd also has a presence in the retailing of Perishable and Non Perishable goods and is in the process of setting up world class establishments that will house stores that retail consumer food products like Dairy, Groceries, Farm Fresh/Frozen Foods as well as Organic produce as far as Perishable goods are concerned and will also retail Apparel, Digital and Entertainment products and other consumables, both of which will be housed in a modern complex named Mall of IMA and retailed by Mulberry Greens Hypermarkets and Supermarkets which will be a one stop destination for stocking up all essentials. Mall of IMA will also house a Cafeteria, Food court, a store for Natural beverages, and also a modern Hygienic meat store.