Frontline Multispeciality Hospital Built with You in Mind

Frontline Multispeciality Hospital is a community initiative aimed at fostering and instilling the values of humanity that IMA Group has enshrined in it’s core. The Hospital is brand new and state-of-the-art and located in the heart of the city, inaugurated in 2018, with access to the best of resources and talent at hand to ensure our objective of serving humanity is done with excellence

In just the first year of it’s operation, the hospital has recorded emphatic feats that give testimony to its medical prowess

  • 10,000 Registered Patients

  • 40,000 Healthcare Episodes

  • 11,500 OPD Consultations

  • Specialists and Super Specialists from 20 Different Specialties

  • Full Time Presence of Professionals Managing Specialities and Super Specialities

At Frontline Multispeciality Hospital we ensure that all of our patients are in good hands and our endeavour is to make them feel special while they are in our establishment. The field of Medical care is an extremely important one that requires humane values the most and it is our endeavour at Frontline Multispeciality Hospital that we will not treat healthcare as a commercial enterprise which is mostly seen in the case of Hospitals elsewhere in India.

Every aspect of Frontline Multispeciality Hospital has been built with the patient in mind. From arrival to discharge and beyond we have considered every aspect and how it contributes to the patient and family experience.

Frontline Multispeciality Hospital has been built on the foundation of patient centered care and this brand new facility works as hard as our doctors and staff to exceed the physical, mental and spiritual needs of those who come through it’s door.

Here’s a look at all the facilities that Frontline Multispeciality Hospital provides:

  • 24/7 Frontline Pharmacy Outlet

  • Fully Computerised Laboratory

  • Digital X Ray

  • Lung Function Test

  • 2 Fully Equipped State of the Art Intensive Care Units

  • Out Patient Department

  • 24/7 Ambulance Services

  • Video Bronchoscopy

  • Video Endoscopy for ENT

  • State of the Art Dialysis Unit

  • 24/7 Casualty and Emergency Ward

  • Laminar OT

  • C Arm

  • Labour Suites

  • Echo & Ultrasound Philips Affinity 50 Machine

  • Audiometry and Speech & Language Therapy with Hearing Implants