IMA Group of Companies Partner with us to be on the Path of Prosperity.

IMA Group of Companies is led by its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mohammed Mansoor Khan who is a successful entrepreneur with vast and diverse experience in heading several businesses successfully with best ethical and traditional practices of Fairness, Transparency, and Integrity. A little more than a decade since our inception in 2006, we as a group have been recognized as India’s most promising companies by inculcating humane values in our businesses and for our aspiration to impact lives for the better.

Our group portfolio stems purely from organic growth and is a force to be reckoned with. Praise be to Lord, for this is just the beginning in our chequered history with a long way to go and a lot more successes and achievements to be made and conquered. The IMA Group of Companies genesis was spawned purely out of the need for an ethical way of life, and we strongly believe that the observance of ethics guarantees success in the present and hereafter. As a Group, all our energies and processes and everything that we do draws inspiration from the ethical way of doing things and this is the success story behind our robust and entirely organic growth from I Monetary Advisory back in 2006 to IMA Group of Companies presently.

Our Group presence ranges from Bullion Trading, Educational Academies offering Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary Education, Healthcare Services and a Multispeciality Hospital, Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Infrastructure & Real Estate Development, Printing & Publishing and Retail Sales of Gold, Silver, Diamond & Platinum Jewellery.

We plan to diversify into other forays such as Mass Media Communications, Research & Development, Medical Science, Tourism and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for various Industries, all of which will endow the IMA Group of Companies as a model of true and inclusive growth that is personified in spirit and action.